Fortunas' Candidacy

Vini and Lorena Fortuna are running for 2 of the 9 Southtown positions in the RIRA Council. They are a couple from Brazil that has been living on the Island for 3 years and loves it! They were recently featured in an article about Roosevelt Island real estate and lifestyle in The New York Times. Before moving to Riverwalk, they lived for 2 years in Manhattan Park.
Vinicius ("Vini") Fortuna
is a Senior Software Engineer at Google, with great technology expertise. He has developed a Bus Tracker application for the community, set up a Roosevelt Island search engine, renewed the Island Cats website and migrated it to a much better infrastructure that could be maintained even by the less tech-savvy members of the group.
Lorena Fortuna
is a Civil and Environmental Engineer, working on the restoration of the Williamsburg bridge. She is a very active member in the Island Cats group, where she has been involved with a number of projects (fostering, adoption, shelter, feeding, website update and maintenance).